Code of Conduct


The :RSM: Clan was founded on the 28th Oct 2008 and is based on RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY, LOYALTY, HONESTY and above all MATESHIP, as our name states: ROCK SOLID MATES.

:RSM: is all about our clan members and guests enjoying themselves in a friendly atmosphere, in our servers and on TS.

These are our guiding principles:

RESPECT for all members of the gaming community.
RESPONSIBILITY and being accountable for their own actions.
LOYALTY towards our Clan and wearing our clan tags with pride.
HONESTY and integrity in game play.
MATESHIP and acceptance of individual differences.

Our clan members follow the guiding principles of our Code of Conduct.



If you are being abused by anyone, whether in our servers or others, DO NOT RETALIATE, take screenshots and forward them to an admin. They will be dealt with accordingly.

As we are a mature Clan some swearing is allowable in the servers and TS but keep it to a minimum please. Remember we have some junior members.

Abuse of any :RSM: Clan member will see you banned from our servers/TS/forum and website.

YOUR actions in ALL servers reflect the integrity of our Clan, it is your responsibility to ensure this integrity is maintained.

Spamming and flaming in the servers will not be tolerated. 

Hacks and scripting will earn you a permanent ban from our servers/TS/forum/website and the :RSM: Clan.

You will be held responsible for your actions and any breach of this code of conduct will see you removed from our Clan.


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