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History of the :RSM: Clan

The :RSM: Clan was founded on the 28th Oct 2008 and is based on mateship and loyalty. The clan is made up of friends that have met within the gaming community over the last 5-12 years and all have found common interests.

Although :RSM: primarily started as a COD4 clan our gaming genre has expanded to include rFactor, World of Tanks and almost any other online game.

We currently have a vps running 4 rfactor servers a cod4 server minecraft and teamspeak.

On the rfactor front we primarily race organised events and our race series on Saturday nights. Recently completed series were immensely popular Touring Car Legends and the Aussie V8s on alternate Sat nights and will be back on in mid 2013. Other special events include LeMans and the Indianapolis 500 . The admin for rFactor is sarge and he will always help if needed. A dedicated race team are always willing to help new drivers or people with installation issues.

World of Tanks has proved immensely popular and we boast a member base of 81 and it is constantly growing. We now own land on the CW map and are heading for global domination.

:RSM: is all about the members and guests enjoying themselves in a friendly atmosphere. So if you would like a closer look ar just want someone to chat to come on in and say hi on teamspeak

Please check the recruiting page if you are interested in joining a great community of friends.

Don't Cheat

The :RSM: Clan is all about honesty and integrity. Please do not cheat on our server.

If you do we will send the mangoat around....Yell


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